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fox and chicken hand-puppets

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My blog-posts about puppets

How to build a puppet
by hand:

Fox-puppet (english)
Rat-puppet (english)

Rat-puppet (german)
Serval-puppet (german)
Snow Leopard-puppet (Sina Stillwater) (english)
Hare-puppet (Alice Hollyberry) (english)

Video-tutorial - basics (german)

Video-tutorial (part 1) - foam body (english)
Video-tutorial (part 2) - foam body (english)
Video-tutorial (part 3) - paws (english)
Video-tutorial (part 4) - making a pattern to cut the fur (english)
Video-tutorial (part 5) - attaching the fur (english)
Video-tutorial - making teeth with Plaast and a hot air gun (english)
Video-tutorial - how to assemble 3d-printed movable eyelids (english)

Video movable rabbit nose-test
Video eyelid-test lion puppet
Video eyelid-test wolf puppet
Video eyelid-test rat puppet
Video eyelid-test fox puppet
Video eyelid-test snow leopard puppet

Video screen-test for Aurelia the arctic vixen
Video Marcus Fox

How to build a puppet
with a 3d-printer:

Creating a 3d-model (english)

My workflow for modelling puppet-heads and some frequently asked questions about 3d-printing:
My 3d-printing panel at Eurofurence 2015 (english)
My 3d-printing panel at Eurofurence 2015 (german)

3D-printed puppet parts

How Ortha was built

Video 3d-printed heads
Video 3d-printed heads

Video skunk-puppet
Video animatronic puppet-hand
Video animatronic eyelid
Video animatronic tail
Video bird head (screen test)
Video bird head (animatronics test)
Video bird puppet (screen test)
Video animatronic eyelid

My 3d-models:

Pictures of my puppets:


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